Titans West is located on the far west crossing into the east section of the earth, covering Russia, Australia and most of the pacific. It is led by Kid Flash because he was one of the original Titans.


  • Kid Flash: Kid Flash is one of the original three members of the Titans. After the Titans were disbaned, he rejoined as leader of Titans West.
  • Miss Martian: Miss Martian was one of the many to join the Titans before it disbanded. She was inducted by her uncle, Martian Manhunter as a way to use her powers for good. She rejoined as apart of Titans West after the ddisbandment of the Team.
  • Blue Beetle: After the death of the first Beetle, Jaime Reyes obtained the scabard prematurely. He was placed in Titans west by the League in orer to learn how to control his powers.
  • Wonder Girl: Wonder Girl was found by Wonderwoman and trained to be a heroine of the world. After the Titans reformed, she decided to join of her own free will, to be around other heroes like her.
  • Super Girl: Super Girl was placed in the Titans by Superman after its reformation, she was seperated from Superboy in ordder to even out the powers between sectors.
  • Aqua Girl: Aquagirl as placed in the Titans by Aquaman after its reformation along with Lagoon Boy, she was seperated from him in order to even out the powers between sectors.