Spider-Man Costume: The signature uniform was created by Peter to be elastic, flexible and a slim fit allowing Spider-Man to fight to his fullest potential, able to utilize his amazing agility and strength with the durable material.

Web Shooters: Special Devices placed underneath the fabric on each of Spider-Man's wrists. A small incision is made in the suit that allows him to use these devices to shoot chemically engineered super webs thats can stick to any solid surface and support atleast a ton of weight, it is also highly flexible and durable, though it has a clear weakness to the elements.

Former Edit

Symbiode Spider-Man Costume (Black Suit): Spider-Man's orginal costume was infected by an alien symbiode that turned it from red/blue to black. This suit was notably more efficient then the original costume, it did not have to be taken off as it could desintegrate and regenerate (including after being cut). It was also adaptable to weather and the elements, allowing it to keep Parker warm or cool aswell as keep his balance on an unstable platform.

  • Black Webs: The Black Suit came with its regenerative system allowed it to produce webs that micked Parker's web shooters, making them obsolite. These webs were longer, faster and more durable then the previous webs.