Sir Nebula's abilities enhances a lot of his physical abilities but can do more than that.

Cosmic Powers: Sir Nebula has many cosmic powers. Powers from all over space and other things.

  • Cosmic Consciousness: Sir Nebula has a very strong ability of senses. He can sense things from a very long distance and can sense when a person is lying or telling the truth.
  • Gravity: Sir Nebula can manipulate gravity. He can use gravity to repel or to attract things. He can increase or decrease the gravity in that certain area. This can make the opponent weigh more or less.
    • Flying: Sir Nebula can fly by manipulating the flow of the gravitons around him. This can also come in hand when he increases the gravity because it won't affect him as he'd be manipulating it.
  • Gas and Dust: Sir Nebula can create clouds of gas and dust to make it hard for the opponent to find him.
  • Extreme Temperature Protection: Sir Nebula's skin protects him from extreme temperature. Whether it is hot or cold temperature. This allows him to get close to the sun like Green Lanterns.
  • Star Energy Manipulation: Sir Nebula has the ability to manipulate and create star energy.
    • Novabolts: Similar to Starbolts used by Starfire and Blackfire, except a Novabolt has many colors and is way brighter than a Starbolt. The Novabolt it's power is from many stars rather than from being from one star.
    • Energy Construct Creation: Sir Nebula discovered that if concentrated his Star Energy in one spot he could create solid constructs. He has been shown to make a cube out of Star Energy (as shown in the image).


  • Proficient Physical Condition: Sir Nebula is very muscular. He isn't like super muscular though. He has about the same physical conditioning as Spiderman which isn't super muscular.
  • Photographic Reflexes: Sir Nebula has the ability watch another person's physical movements and duplicate them without practice, no matter the difficulty.
    • Proficient Combatant: Sir Nebula is also proficient in hand to hand combat, having learned many fighting styles from simply observing them using his Photographic Reflexes.
  • Skilled Gunman: Sir Nebula is very skilled with guns. No matter how big the gun he can use it. He has proficient aim and amazing skills with them.
  • Superior Intellect: Sir Nebula is very smart. He knows a lot about people and their history. It is unknown how he knows this information or where he gets it from. This makes him a very dangerous villain.

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