Physical AppearanceEdit

Jason Todd

Jason Todd

Jason Todd is a tall young man with a toned muscular build rougly just under the height of Batman and Nightwing. He has short hair that is normally dyed, though it is naturally red and after the events of his revival he has a gray streak in it. He also has black eyes normally covered by his Red Hood helmet or his domino mask.

As Red Hood, Jason wears a biker outfit instead of the traditional Red Hood uniform. He wears a Red Helmet with black eye sockets that make his eyes appear white much like a domino mask. He wears a brown bikers outfit over a kevlar vest which stores most of Jason's weapons. He wears dark gray gloves, a brown belt with several silver buckles, tan colored jeans and biker boots.


Jason Todd was always reffered to as very different from both his successor and predecessor. He was a kind boy who was very fond of Batman, but he had a twisted sense of Justice. Jason was very brutal duing his time as Robin and his was always consumed by rage, not agreeing with Batman's ideals as he grew up. Even after his ressurection, Jason believes that criminals should be dealt with by cutting them down or ruling them with a new kiind of fear, the fear of death.

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