Physical AppearanceEdit

Barbara is young caucasian woman with red hair that reaches to her shoulders and faded blue eyes normally covered by her glasses although they are transparent. She wears gold studs in her ears that match her gold bat necklace. She wears a white collard shirt under her purple vest that matchers her gloves along with her dark blue skirt.

During her time as Batgirl she wore a\a dark gray form fitting costume with a black bat symbol, finned gloves, boots and a gold utility belt all adopted from her mentor, Batman. She also wore a mask much like his but her face was far more revealed without domino eyes.


Like all of Batman's protégés, Barbara takes her duties very seriously and like Batman, Nightwing and Robin, is a natural at leadership, often taking control when the situation calls for it. Despite her serious professional attitude, she can be very comdeic and constantly tease her parteners and close friends, Robin and Nightwing. She particularly seems to take great amusement in pushing Nightwing's buttons, which she is apparently quite good at doing, no doubt from having known him longer than anyone else.