Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Great Physical Conditioning: As a Martian, J'onn is naturally very physically powerful. His strength, speed and stamina are supperior to humans.

  • Enhanced Stamina: As a Martian, J'onn does not require to sleep or eat, he also lives much longer then the average human aswell.
  • Enhanced Durability: Martians are highly suseptable to heat as there weakness, but Martian Manhunter possess a higher tolerance for this then most Martians. He can stay conscious and even ignore the pain enough to move while surrounded by fire.

Genius Intellect: Having lived several years on both Mars and Earth, Martian Manhunter boasts alot of knowledge of this history of both planets. He is very wise and knowledgable when it comes to subjects such as geography, biology and anatemy.

  • Master Tactician: Martian Manhunter is a very famous figure and has a large effect of leadership on many he encounters. He is able to effectivley use his knowledge and leadership skills to lay out strategic plans that normally succeed.

Expert Combatant: While rathering to use his intellectual prowess and mental abilities backed by his hate for conflict Martian Manhunter is still a capable fighter. He has very high strength that allows him to overpower his opponents and crushingly defeat them.