The residual recharging energy left inside his body's cells gave John various abilities including:

Directed Energy Blasts

The Energy in his cells can be directed using his nerve cells, then expelled from his body by cascading the energy in tat direction resulting in a blast of energy. The energy blasts deal concussive force and photonic or thermal energy. At it's lowest levels the blasts can knock a person over, or when using up extreme amounts of energy, can be used to melt through steel.

The longer John concentrates on a blast, the more fine the radius, down to pinpoint shots. However if used in quick succession with high force, John must wait for the energy to build back up before attacking again.

Super Human Durability and Stamina

As a side effect of the cellular energy, John's epithelial cells (the body's tightly packed cells in membranes including skin and orgn linings) became far more resilient and tighter locked together. This his body take extreme amounts of punishment with out internal or external organ damage.

Extra Human strength and reflexes

Similar to his epithelial tissue, John's muscle tissue was "super charged". This allows his muscles to exert far more than they could have before. At normal energy levels Lance can lift approx 7 tons and can punch with enough force to kill man. At peak energy he is capable of lifting up to 12 tons. The enhancements to his body's cells also quickened his reaction time.


By expelling limited continual amounts directed energy, Lance is able to lift and propel himself through the air.

Energy Cloak attacks

In a similar manner to his flight and energy blasts, Lance can create and maintain a field of energy around any part of his body (such as his fists) or a held weapon, that adds the additional benefit of his Energy blasts in a more consecrated form used physically.

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