Skills and AbilitiesEdit

High Physical Conditioning: For his slim build, Kid Flash is very nimble and naturally quick. His body maintains no fat due to his enhanced matabalism which allows him to grow muscle much more quickly then that of the average human, although this also causes him to burn energy much faster.

  • High Stamina: Kid Flash burns energy very quickly, yet he shows little to no signs of fatigue while he using his powers or not. Although neing young, he still requires natural eating and sleeping regiments.

Expert Combatant: Kid Flash has been trained by his mentor to put his powers to use during combat. He is a close ranged fighter who uses quick attacks from different angles to confuse his opponent.

Genius Intellect: For his age, Kid Flash maintains a very high intellect. Despite his attiude, Wally has a deep interest and love for science. He firmly believes in the laws of physics and was able to mimic the explosion that gave his mentor his powers, which intern granted Wally his.

  • Multi-Lingual: Kid Flash is able to speak English and French, learning through classes.