Kid Flash (Real Name: Wally West) is a hero of the DC Universe. He is the nephew of Barry Allen an copyied his abilites as a speedster bye reinacting the accident that gave Barry and Jay Garrickson their superspeed. He was the sidekick of The Flash until he joined the Teen Titans, after their disbandment, Wally momentarrilly retired as a hero. He took up the mantle once again to lead Titans West.

Kid Flash
Kid Flash
Super Hero
Real name Wally West
Age 20
Species Human
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Orange
Eye color Green
Relatives Rudy West (Father), Mary West (Mother), Iris West-Allen (Aunt), Barry Allen (Uncle), Impusle (Cousin)
Mentor Flash
Affiliation Teen Titans
Powers and Abilities
Powers Super Speed
Primary Skill Genius Intellect, Expert Combatant, Skilled Scientist
Equipment Light Spectrum Goggles