Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Great Physical Conditioning: Thanks to his super speed, Flash's body has naturally toned to great condition. He has a slim build and possess impressive strength and it goes without saying, incredible speed.

  • High Strength: The Flash normally relys on his hands for close combat while using quick blows from different directions to quickly overpower his opponents.
  • Enhanced Stamina: The Flash burns energy very fast due to his superhuman speed, yet he is able to run across the world and back without fatigue. He has an incredible resistance to fatigue and rarley ever tires out from running.

Genius Intellect: Despite Flash's normal attitude, he is a very intelligent man. He is a CSI agent as Barry Allen and is profienct in forensic science. He was also very smart in his adolescence, he was able to mimic the explosion that gave Garrick his powers in order to gain them.

  • Skilled Tactician: Flash is a very famous figure and has a large effect of leadership on many he encounters. With that he is able to effectively lead a team to victory against certain opponents.

Master Combatant: The Flash relys on close range combat for the majority of his battles. He uses barrages of quick attacks and moves around his opponent to attack from different directions while disorienting them.