Real name Tyler Gray
Alias Bloodgush
Age 27
Species Human
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Affiliation Weapon X
Powers and Abilities
Powers None
Primary Skill Hand to Hand Combat, Firearm Expertise, and Master Assassin.
Equipment Adamantium Combat Knife, Duel SIG Sauer P226s, Benelli M4 Shotgun, Colt Anaconda, Duel FMG-9s, and FN SCAR-L, and some more various weapons.

Bloodgush is an assassin and mercenary working for Weapon X to capture or kill mutants, sometimes working as a freelancer to carry out other hits and jobs.



"Bloodgush" is the codename of a freelance Assassin and Hitman currently working for Weapon X.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Bloodgush is trained in many different martial arts, in his time with Weapon X and after. Taking training in Krav Maga, Sambo, and Brasilian Jiu jitsu. He has peak physical strength and speed, as well as fast reflexes. Although he doesn't have much to offer in terms of powers, He makes up for that in terms of Armor/Mask and Weaponry. Although he has a wide arsenal of guns, all of which fire sepcial Adamantium Bullets straight from Weapon X, and can tear through any subtance. He has his own preferred weapons such as...

Adamantium Combat Knife: A custom made Combat Knife with a sharp blade and a good, the blade of the knife can be taken off and thrown.

Duel SIG Sauer P226s: He carries duel Browning Hi-Powers on him at nearly all times, which have extended magazines that fire Adamantium .357 SIG bullets, with the extended magazines the guns hold about 16 rounds each.

Benelli M4 Shotgun: Bloodgush's traditional and preferred shotgun on choice.

Colt Anaconda: A Powerful revolver that Bloodgush uses as a back up.

Duel FMG-9s: Preferred SMG weapons

CheyTac Invervention: Bloodgush's signature Sniper Rifle.

FN SCAR-L: Bloodgush's preferred assault rifle of choice, it is heavily modified with STANAG boxmagazine which fires 5.56×45mm NATO rounds. It has an ACOG Scope, Laser Sight, Grip, and FN40GL built in.


Bloodgush has a custom made full body armor set made out of Adamantium, covering his entire chest area and arms, outfitted with Kevlar over some locations on his torso, arms, and all of his legs, as well as a custom leight-weight helmet and mask with custom made goggles that allow him to see in different types of visions such as Night vision and X-Ray vision at certain ranges, including auto-zoom in when using a non-scoped weapon. Bloodgush also wears custom green gloves which leave behind no fingerprints or genetical evidence. He wears protective and light-weight boots, making it easy for him to run and provide protection.

Bloodgush HP:32/45

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